Tibet, beautiful land and rich, fascinated mankind, is located at Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, southwest frontier China. Upon the world’s roof-top there lies a wide stretched land (Shangrila a some people call it) filled with fascinating and mystifying works of nature and human that has captured the imagination of many great people ever since the world came to know her existence. Although the land beyond mighty Himalayas on the highest plateau of the world was forbidden for several centuries to the outside world, great many authentic travelers, scholars and missionaries had attempted to reach this tantalizing land amidst perils and long endeavoring journey. It used to be Mysterious, legendary and unknown Room of the World, hidden and almost unreachable behind the highest mountains in the world can be easily reached today from Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal to Lhasa either by road or air as well as fro several cities from China.

Geographically Tibet is divided into three major region, the Central or Southern Tibet, Eastern and Western. Central/South Tibet is the most civilized and well developed where capital of Tibet is also located called Lhasa where resident of spiritual leader is located. Central Tibet is also hub of cultural and main business center and cities such as Shigatse (second biggest city in Tibet), Gyantse, Tsedand and most popular tourist destination Everest Base Camp are located. Eastern Tibet is forested, occupying one-fourth land of Tibet and places such as Kham and Amdo are the main attraction. Western Tibet is more remote and barren however some of the most sacred sites are located including g ancient civilization of Kingdom of Guge.

Total Area of the Tibet Autonomous Region is is 1,200,000 square km. The region is administratively divided into one municipality and six prefectures. The municipality is Lhasa and Shigatse, Nagri, Lhaoka, Chamdo, Nakchu and Nyingtri (Kongpo) are prefectures. The People’s Government of the Tibet Autonomous Region exercises the highest administrative authority in Tibet.