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Nepal is landlocked country, lying between India and the Tibetan Autonomous Region of China, Nepal contains Mount Everest (29,035 ft; 8,850 m), the tallest mountain in the world. Along its southern border, Nepal has a strip of level land that is partly forested, partly cultivated. The Himalaya’s most sophisticated urban cultures took shape here, in the three great minikingdoms of the Kathmandu Valley - Kathmandu, Patan and Bhaktapur - home to a world-class artistic and architectural heritage.


The first civilizations in Nepal, which flourished around the 6th century B.C. , were confined to the fertile Kathmandu Valley where the present-day capital of the same name is located. It was in this region that Prince Siddhartha Gautama was born on 563 B.C. Gautama achieved enlightenment as Buddha and spawned Buddhism.


Nepali rulers’ early patronage of Buddhism largely gave way to Hinduism, reflecting the increased influence of India, around the 12th century. Though the successive dynasties of the Gopalas, the Kiratis, and the Licchavis expanded their rule, it was not until the reign of the Malla kings from 1200–1769 that Nepal assumed the approximate dimensions of the modern state.

The kingdom of Nepal was unified in 1768 by King Prithvi Narayan Shah, who had fled India following the Moghul conquests of the subcontinent. Under Shah and his successors, Nepal’s borders expanded as far west as Kashmir and as far east as Sikkim (now part of India). A commercial treaty was signed with Britain in 1792 and again in 1816 after more than a year of hostilities with the British East India Company.


We are enlisting some facts about Nepal, Four Season destination are as below.


Capital:                                                 Kathmandu

Official Language Spoken:            Nepali

Location:                                              Southern Asia (between India and China)

Total Area:                                          147,181 Sq. Km

Bordering Countries:                      India (1690 km), China (1236 km)

Time difference:                              +5.45 hrs Greenwich -Mean Time

National Animal:                               Cow

National Bird:                                     Danphe

National flower:                               Rhododendron (Gurans in Nepali)

Administrative Division:                 14 Zones


  • Nepal has 8 out of 14 highest peaks in the world including Mt. Everest (8,848 meters) that are above Eight Thousand meters.
  • Nepal is the only country with altitude variation ranges from 70 meters to 8848 meters.
  • Nepal has highest lake on the earth Tilicho (4800 meters), the deepest gorges (1200 meters Kaligandaki), the highest valley (Arun Valley), the tallest grassland in Chitwan.
  • Nepal has more than 360 species of Orchid which constitutes over 2% of the world’s orchids.
  • Nepal has 8% of total species of birds found in the world.
  • Nepal has 870 species of birds.
  • Nepal has more than 650 butterflies which is 4.2% total butterflies in the world.
  • Nepal has 2.4% of total flowering plants in the world and over 250 species are only found in Nepal.
  • Nepal is the Birth Place of Lord Gautam Buddha.
  • Nepal is the only country in the world that has rectangular flag.
  • Nepal is the only country in the world that has Living Goddess Kumari (Virgin Goddess).
  • Nepal has more World Heritage Sites. In Kathmandu valley alone has 7 World Heritage Cultural sites within a radius of 15 kilometers. That’s why it is also called “ Living Cultural Museum”. It is also called “Shangrila” or known as “Roof of the World”.
  • The land of festivals.
  • Kathmandu the capital is the city of temples.
  • Over nineteen percent of the total country’s landmass is protected under National Park and Protected Area in Nepal.
  • Chitwan National Park and Everest National Park is listed in World Heritage Site.
  • The best place for extreme adventure such as Mountaineering, Rafting, Canoeing, High Altitude Marathon, Paragliding, Kayaking, Mountain biking etc.
  • The Himalayas are third largest deposited of ice and snow after Antarctica and Arctic.

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