Tibet Permit and Visa

To visit Tibet, all tourists need a valid Chinese visa and a special Alien Travel Permit, which can only be obtained through recognized travel agencies. It's important to note that tourists who arrive in Kathmandu with a Chinese visa issued by Chinese consulates outside of Kathmandu won't be able to use it. Therefore, clients entering Tibet via Nepal should not obtain any Chinese visa. The new rule states that a group of at least four people is required for traveling to Tibet.

It is important to keep in mind that Tibet visa regulations may change, so the information given here may not be accurate at the time of travel. If you hold a diplomatic passport, you must obtain clearance from Beijing for travel into Tibet, which can take a long time. It is recommended to travel on a non-diplomatic passport, if possible. We require a copy of your passport at least 25 days in advance to process your Tibet permit in Lhasa. Without this permit, the Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu will not issue a visa. Once you arrive in Kathmandu, we will collect your passport and take it to the Chinese Embassy for the visa. Additionally, according to the new rule, there should be a group of at least four people for traveling to Tibet

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